A Jo on the Go wholesaler is a person or business that is interested in purchasing Jo on the Go products at a wholesale price and then reselling the products at retail price at events, tradeshows or within their storefront. To get started, please create an account HERE.



By creating a wholesaler account, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

Wholesalers are not allowed to sell Jo on the Go Products on Amazon, eBay or any other third party or auction-like site. Wholesalers may offer Jo on the Go products on their own website that was specifically created for their business. Products listed on wholesaler business websites may not be listed for less than the listed retail costs here on the Jo on the Go site. 

A Wholesaler who chooses to sell Jo on the Go products at vendor events or tradeshows may do so. Any costs, insurance or tax requirements associated with having a table or booth is the sole responsibility of the Wholesaler.

Wholesalers are encouraged to abide by our 30-day money back guarantee. Any returns received should be shared with us immediately. You may contact us at joonthegoshop@gmail.com for further instructions.

Any wholesaler in violation of these terms & conditions are subject to cancellation of their Jo on the Go Wholesaler account.

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